Mini Intensive Overhaul

You have a successful business but your tasks list is long and you don't have a clue where to start?

The Mrs Hinch of administration

Does this feel like you right now?⬇ 

  • Your business is great and it's been ramping up recently

  • You processes are a little bit.....,manual

  • You are feeling really stretched at the moment

  • You are repeating processes all the time but don't know how to change it

  • Your family want to see you more but you need to make sure your clients are looked after

This is not need to get that balance back - overwhelm is not fun for anyone

Let's take these 2 hours looking over what you have and what you need to get that balance back on track.

We will spend 2 hours on zoom and coming up with an action plan of what will help you become not only more efficient but give you back more time and give your clients the 'wow' factor at the same time.

What we will cover in these 2 hours:

  • Your diary system

  • Your emails

  • Your project management

  • Your client communication

  • Your current systems

Then at the end we will have an action plan which I will then send to you as well so you can start to implement the changes relinquish some of that valuable time.

07967 759047

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