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Dubsado AnE

Have you got your Dubsado account into a bit of mess and no matter how hard you try you just cannot seem to get it working the way you want?


You set up Dubsado to make your life easier but right now you're wondering why you even bothered because it's causing more stress and you're ready to throw in the towel and go back to your old ways

Stress no more, Michelle's Dubsado AnE is open just for you. 


A done in a day service to get YOU and Dubsado running smoothly again. After a 30 minute audit, you can sit with a cup of tea whilst AnE gets to work!
I'll hand your account back over to you fighting fit and ready to go!

What's included?:

  • A 30 minute audit of your account together on a zoom call

  • A plan of action of what is wrong and how to fix it

  • All done in a day - mutual day of convenience

  • Trello board to capture information missing

  • Create additional canned emails

  • Ensure all forms are correctly formatted and work

  • Fix/amend/add in workflows

  • Loom videos to show you the changes made

  • 30 minute final zoom call to go over how it works

  • Voxer support for 1 week upon completion


Dubsado Full Set up

You know in order to take on more clients and hit your big income goals you need to get organised...I've been there.

Imagine waking up to a hot new lead who's already filled out a questionnaire and booked a call without any of the stress!!

How good it would feel to impress the socks off your family and friends with how organised and in-control you are. 

But you don't have the time to set this system up do you?  I hear you and that's why this package works so well for you...It's done for you.

What's included:

  • A 30 minute starter call to talk through your client journey's

  • A questionnaire to collate all the information to get started

  • Voxer communication to talk through any queries

  • Walk you through connecting up your emails, calendar and integrations

  • Set up all your forms and make them look beautiful

  • Create the barebones of canned emails (you can then add your own tone of voice)

  • Upload your contracts and ensure they are all connected to the right proposals

  • Create your appointment schedulers

  • Lastly.....create workflows that are simple and not complicated

  • 45 minute handover call and training

  • Voxer support for 1 week upon completion


Post set up there is an exclusive offer to clients only for Dubsado maintenance which is optional of £120 per month if required